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Densifying and Sealing

Concrete Densifier is a penetrating chemical that reacts within the pores of the concrete. Densifiers are used on concrete floors to increase the surface hardness and reduce dust created by the concrete. They also make the surface less permeable to liquids. Treated surfaces have better abrasion resistance and are easier to maintain. Concrete densifier can be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with a surface sealer.


There are many options when it comes to sealing concrete. Depending on the use of the floor we use penetrating, semi penetrating or topical sealers. We can apply sealer to steel trowled/burnished concrete, ground concrete and polished concrete. We know preventing staining is important to our customers which is why we prefer to use top of the line sealers by Ameripolish and Prosoco-Consolideck. These products cure extremely fast  minimizing your down time.


Applying densifier and sealer to your floor is a great way to help preserve your concrete. This is a cost effective alternative to polishing especially in large warehouses. A thorough cleaning is the only prep needed on bare concrete.



Joint Filling

Filling concrete control joints is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protects the edges of the joints from chipping and breaking. When surfaces receive heavy amounts of cart or forklift traffic filling the joints will reduce the risk of damaging the concrete surface. In restaurant type settings filling the joints will prevent food items from entering the joint creating harmful bacteria. The joint filler material can be custom colored to blend better with concrete stains and colored concrete. We fill control joints on polished and non polished concrete.


We prepare the joints by re-cutting them with a special saw equipped with a powerful dust collector. This removes any debri and cleans the edges of the joints. The joint is then vacuumed out to remove any remaining dust and provide a good bond with the joint filler. Next we place a backer rod in the joints so we can apply the material at a consistent depth. We then fill the joints using our bulk polyurea pump or cartridges depending on the size of the job. The joints are slightly overfilled then shaved flush once cured, typically 45 minutes. Once shaved the floor can receive traffic immediately.

Concrete Treatments

Most customers are able to receive estimates for densifying and sealing by simply providing the square footage of the project and photos if possible. Joint filling requires the lineal feet of the joints to be filled. Price quotes by phone or email are fairly accurate but may differ slightly from the actual contract price. Things that can affect pricing are (but not limited to) accessibility, site conditions, existing surface condition and project design. All estimates are free and all contract prices are fixed, meaning they won't ever be more than what you signed for. Unexpected extra costs on concrete jobs are rare and are usually at the customers request.

Even if you're not sure on what type of service you need don't hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or using our simple contact form.

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